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WebFaction Review January 13th, 2011


I recently switched hosting from Go Daddy to WebFaction. You can read a little bit about the the decision process if you like. This review will be pretty basic as my needs are not that crazy.


WebFaction seems to be priced fairly well. I am on the most basic plan at $9.50 / month. If you commit to one year, two year, etc. the price-per-month goes down considerably. And if you want to commit for five years you can get hooked up for $5.50 / month — not too bad.

The Ugly

I think WebFaction should hire some web designers away from Media Temple (or maybe even me!). The main WebFaction site is OK, but the control panel is kinda ugly. It does not really hurt the usability, however, it just lowers the otherwise high level of professionalism they exhibit elsewhere.

The Service

When I first got into phpMyAdmin I noticed that InnoDB was disabled. After having a nightmare of life with table-level locking and without foreign key relationships, I sent WebFaction a support ticket. About 15 minutes later I received a reply and InnoDB was back. Way better than the hours I have spent waiting for Go Daddy.

Holy Crap Git is Awesome

I am still discovering the wonders of distributed version control, but I can already tell that it is totally awesome. Git support with WebFaction is freaking cool. Thats really all I can say about it — it rocks.

Holy Crap The Documentation is Even Awesomer

I think the amazing documentation is the main reason I chose WebFaction over other hosts. Seriously, check it out. It is amazing. The documentation covers everything that I would ever want.

Before signing up with WebFaction I spent hours going through the documentation. I was able to get a ton of information about what services they offer and how they run their hosting. It was extremely helpful.

That’s It

Summary: Lame control panel, awesome everything else.

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