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VWM Polls v0.1-beta April 8th, 2011

What is VWM Polls?

VWM Polls is a free and open source fieldtype and module package for ExpressionEngine 2.

How Can Something So Amazing Be So Free?

All good things in life are free: Long walks on the beach, sunsets, double rainbows, ExpressionEngine... O wait... maybe not all good things in life are free. Anyways, it's free because there is no guaranteed support. If you are looking for a commercial polling module that includes support, I've heard good things about Dev Demon's Channel Polls and EE Harbor's Poll module. I have never used any of those products myself, however.

So What's This Thing Thing Got Going On?

I Don't Believe It, Let Me See Some Pics!

Here are some screenshots:

VWM Polls — Poll options

VWM Polls — Poll options

Poll options can either be "defined" or "other." The latter allows the user to submit some text into a text input. Poll options can also be custom ordered

VWM Polls — Poll settings

VWM Polls — Poll settings

The settings area allows you to adjust various different settings.

VWM Polls — Poll results

VWM Polls — Poll results

The poll results are shown using Google Charts. The colors reflect those chosen for each poll option on the options tab..

VWM Polls — Poll voting

VWM Polls — Poll voting

This is an example of what a poll would look like to the user.

I Still Don't Believe It, Let Me Download It!

Get VWM Polls on Github!

So How Do I Use It?

To use VWM Polls you must copy the “vmw_polls” folder into “system/expressionengine/third_party/.” After that, you have to go to Addons > Modules in the EE control panel. Here you must install both the VWM Polls fieldtype and module.

After you have done this, you must create or edit a custom channel field and include a new VWM Polls field.

You Suck at Coding, I Found a Bug

Tell me about it on the Github issue tracker.

I Have A Really Awesome Feature Request!

I'm going to try and keep this product fairly light weight. If your feature will only benefit you, and not the majority of other users of this module, you may be better off hiring me to customize the module for your exact needs. However, if you have a feature that you think would benefit the majority of those who use this module, you can tell me about it on Github.

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