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The Choice: EngineHosting, Media Temple, or WebFaction January 13th, 2011

Why a New Host?

You can read about why I switched hosts, or I can sum it up in two words — Go Daddy.

Why WebFaction?

First, I found as many web hosts as I could find and opened their sites up in separate tabs. Next, since I am quite shallow, I got rid of all the hosts that I thought had ugly web sites. I sure as hell don’t want to be associated with a host that puts an airbrushed-to-hell Danica Patrick on their site…

I had a few main requirements:

There were a few non-deal-breakers too — such as Git, SVN, and SSH.

My top three were EngineHosting, Media Temple, and WebFaction.

Gee Vic, EngineHosting and ExpressionEngine are Like Two Peas in a Pod!

Yes, it is like EngineHosting and ExpressionEngine were meant for each other. It really is quite sweet. However:

$10 a month for the base plan was pretty good, however, once you move beyond that the prices really go up fast. I would have been OK for a while, but things would have gotten expensive fast.

Media Temple (mt) is the Choice for Real Web Professionals!

I must say that I find the whole “(mt)” thing totally obnoxious. It reminds me of Apple and the “i” they stick in front of all their products. Do you really need to put a damn (mt) after you say “Media Temple”? No, you do not. But it gets better! They even pretens-ify their hosting plans — (gs), (dv), (ve)…

I think that was my biggest complaint against Media Temple — they are too much like Apple. If I had loads of cash to throw away I would totally buy tons of Macs and a (dvp) hosting package from Media Temple (just look at that flame, it must be fast!)

As far as more practical knocks against Media Temple — I heard a few people on the ExpressionEngine boards had problems with EE and Media Temple. They all seemed to be from a few years back, however. And with Media Temple being so popular, if there were any serious compatibility issues with EE, it seems like there would be more complaints.

So WebFaction Won Your Heart?

Yes, and I wrote a review of WebFaction.

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