Victor Walch Michnowicz

is a web application developer

Launch of (version 7) April 11th, 2015

Version 6 of launched way back in 2010 (have a look at this sites history over the years). In internet years that is about 64 years ago (internet years are all binary: 2, 4, 16, 32, 64, etc…). Back in 2010 the internet was a very different place and I had very different goals for my personal site.

Old Goal

I just graduated college at the University of Oregon and I was trying to get a job in web development. I wanted my website to be a showcase of all my work. The idea was that prospective employers would look at my site, see all the cool stuff I had done, and then hire for $100,000 / year to develop some random web site. What actually happened was some secretary took a look at my website, noticed that it was not absolutely terrible, and then passed my resume off to the next person in the hiring process. After an interview where they determined I was a somewhat acceptable fit for the job they brought me on for about one-third of my goal salary. It didn't all go according to plan, but I did get my foot in the door. However, my website was completely overkill.

New Goal

Version 6 had way too much going on and it was a pain to update. The biggest pain were the blog thumbnails that I had to create for each blog post. Over time I lost the motivation to come up with a new image for each post. Version 7 is free from all these distractions and the focus is on keeping things simple. The HTML cleaner, the CSS and JavaScript are leaner, it's responsive, and and easier to read. The goal of this site is to spread my random web development knowledge across the interwebz.

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