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Introducing VWM Secure Files June 3rd, 2011

What Does it Do?

VWM Secure files is an ExpressionEngine module and fieldtype combo that allows you to restrict access to files on your server. For example, assume you have a file called Secure.txt in the /secure folder of your website. With VWM Secure Files you can restrict access to this file so only certain member groups or members have access to the file.

The link to the file is no longer, but instead something like

VWM Secure Files (version 0.1)

VWM Secure Files (version 0.1)

Where is it Headed?

Right now VWM Secure Files is at version 0.1. The module is rather simple and you have to type in the location of the file you want to secure. With the upcoming release of ExpressionEngine 2.2 I hope to refine this module to be a lot more dynamic and easier to use.

The down side to this is that VWM Secure File will require ExpressionEngine 2.2 or greater. However, I plan to create a branch for ExpressionEngine 2.1 and fix any major bugs that pop up.

Where Can I Get it?

VWM Secure Files can be found on GitHub.

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