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Hard at Work July 12th, 2011

Whats Up?

Lately I have been quite busy. Last month I left my job at FMQAI and accepted a web development position at HealthPlan Services. Also, I have begun work on a new ExpressionEngine module. This module is bigger than either of my previous ExpressionEngine modules. And, from what I can tell, it will fill a void in the ExpressionEngine module catalogue. While there are some third party web applications that do what I am attempting, most cost money and/or add branding that one cannot strip away. If all goes as planned I hope to have this module complete in a month or so.

Where Next?

After I complete this module I hope to go back to my other two ExpressionEngine modules and add in some missing features. One big thing is adding EE 2.2-specific features to VWM Secure Files. I want to make the selection of files more intuitive. Having to type in the file path is just not cutting it. But hey, that’s why it is at version 0.1.

Next, I plan to add some small features to VWM Polls. This module is pretty much where I want it, however. There are a few small things I would not mind adding, but I don’t want it to get too bloated.

Anything Else?

I would like to do another screencast. My previous (and only) screencast on CodeIgniter search suggestions was fairly popular and it was a good learning experience too. I would like to possibly do another screencast on either CodeIgniter, ExpressionEngine module development, or maybe even an introduction to MySQL.

It’s About That Time, Right?

It has been a long time since I last redesigned my portfolio site. I have been throwing some ideas around recently and have decided that I want to have a crack at designing a full-width site. All of my web design so far has been concentrated on fixed-width designs. I have lived by the 960 grid for years. While the strict grid is awesome, fluid designs present some new opportunities (and challenges). This redesign is pretty low on my priority list, but eventually should have a (hopefully cool) new fluid-width design.

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