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Goodbye Go Daddy or: How I Learned to Start Caring and Love Speed January 12th, 2011

Everyone Knows Go Daddy Sucks

Even I knew Go Daddy sucked before I gave them two years of my life at the low, low, price of $4.99 a month. However, I soon discovered that $4.99 a month did not really get that much.

Fo’ Real?

You know you are in for something special when you take a look at the Go Daddy hosting “features” they list on their site. It seems as if they are appealing to a totally different audience with some of the stuff they put on there.

FREE Add-on applications powered by Go Daddy Hosting Connection®

So what does the “Go Daddy Hosting Connection” offer? As far as I can tell — Wordpres, Drupal, Joomla, and Dot Net Nuke. Wow, really special…

My favorite Go Daddy “feature,” however, has to be this:

GoDaddy supports jQuery!

GoDaddy lists jQuery and support as a “feature” of their hosting.

The fact that they list JavaScript libraries as a web hosting “feature” is just sad. Either they are just trying to hype themselves up by listing a ton of features, or they got hundreds of emails inquiring about jQuery support so they decided to list it as a web hosting feature. Either way it is hilarious.

But Why Can’t I…?

Go Daddy is lacking in many areas, but here are the ones that came to mind first:

It Aint’ all Bad

Go Daddy is not a complete waste. For simple sites it is great. I have never had a site go down for any length of time and customer support was always fairly quick and helpful.

What Are You Rockin’ Now?

I am on Webfaction right now. I also have a mini review of Webfaction.

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