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Fitness Goals April 19th, 2011

Where You At (Now)?

Right now I weight 165 pounds and have been consistently working out for about ten months. I have never attempted any one rep maxes, so all the maxes listed below are estimates (and probably way off).

Lift Personal Best Estimated One Rep Max One Rep Max as % of Bodyweight
Bench Press 5 reps @ 215# ~242# 146%
Deadlift 6 reps @ 295# ~343# 207%
Squat 7 reps @ 385# ~462# 280%

Damn, Yo Sh*t is Weak!

I got some meaty Polish legs, however my bench could really use some love. Where I hope to be roughly one year from now:

Lift One Rep Max One Rep Max as % of Bodyweight (assuming I gain five pounds to weigh 170)
Bench Press ~300# 176%
Deadlift ~400# 235%
Squat ~500# 294%

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