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PyroCMS Poll Module


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Case Study

The PyroCMS poll module allow users to create some really awesome polls.

While most polling modules only allow for simple, single option, polls, the PyroCMS polling module allows for polls with multiple poll options and even user-submitted values.

Multiple Poll Options

Multiple poll options means that a poll can be created so a user can select more than one option. This comes in handy for questions such as, “What social media sites do you frequently use (select all that apply)?”

With this a user could select multiple options such as “Facebook,” “Twitter,” and “Myspace.” The user is not restricted to picking only one option.

User-inputed Values

User-inputed poll options allow the user to input text into a text field. This applies to polls such as, “What is your favorite color? Red; Orange; Yellow; Other (please specify)”

This allows authors to simplify poll options. In the above example the user does not have to list all the colors in the world, he can just list the most common ones. And if a user wants to input his favorite color, such as “Sky Blue,” he can input that into a text field.


Case Study — PyroCMS Poll Module