Victor Walch Michnowicz

is a web application developer

Project CROWNWeb


Tools: CSS Flash JavaScript jQuery MySQL Photoshop PHP XHTML
Client: FMQAI

Case Study

The goal of Project CROWNWeb is to provide information to the renal community on the status of the CROWNWeb application. Project CROWNWeb is a place for the community to get the latest information on business requirements, articles, studies, and much more.

508 Compliance

Since this is a government-sponsored project it must be 508 compliant. I designed this site to function with both JavaScript and CSS disabled. The site is also fully navigable with a keyboard. On top of that, there is also descriptive alt and title text throughout the site.

The coolest feature, however, is the “accessibility header” that can be activated in the top right of the page. This area allows users to change page styles, toggle new window actions, increase and decrease text size, and toggle footer navigation.

Other Features

Some other features include:

This website was developed by FMQAI, the Florida ESRD Network, contract Renal - RCT Special Study with funding from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) under contract # HHSM-500-2008-NW007C.

Case Study — Project CROWNWeb