Victor Walch Michnowicz

is a web application developer

Flores Financial Services


Tools: CSS ExpressionEngine JavaScript jQuery Photoshop XHTML
Client: Flores Financial Services

Case Study

The Flores Financial Services is built on the fabulous ExpressionEngine CMS. The site uses only one third-party module — Freeform.

The Design

I designed the Flores Financial site for maximum readability. Since the old site was based on a 800px wide layout, I wanted to open it up a little bit more and let it breathe. I did this by utilizing the 960 grid framework.

With a nice grid-based layout in place, I also wanted to make the text easy to read. I decided on 14px Calibri as my main body font. Coupled with a 24px line-height, the text is very legible throughout the site. Since I was using a sans-serif for the body text, I decided on one of my favorite serif fonts for the heading text — Cambria. The contrast between the heading and body text makes reading the site extremely easy on the eyes.

Members-only Area

One of the more noteworthy features of the Flores Financial site is its members-only area. This area allows clients to download special forms and access important financial calculators. Access to this area is administered by the ExpressionEngine CMS.

Other Features

Some other features include:

Case Study — Flores Financial Services